Terms and Conditions

  1. GoDeepBlue Sitges is the trading name of Deep Blue Marine S.L.
  2. A booking will not be confirmed until the total amount has been fully paid. All bookings made on the website will be instantly confirmed once full payment has been made and the customer will receive a confirmation email.
  3.  All tickets are non-refundable unless Deep Blue Marine S.L. cancels the activity.
  4. The passenger acknowledges and agrees that the activity is dependent on weather and sea conditions, which may change up until the very last minute. If it becomes necessary to delay or cancel the activity due to these or any other unforeseen circumstances, the customer will be entitled to a rescheduled trip or a full refund.
  5. If for any reason Deep Blue Marine S.L. cancels an activity prior to departure, the activity can be rescheduled. In such cases passengers will be informed as soon as possible and must do their best to adapt to the new proposed date and time. In case passengers cannot reschedule the activity to the new proposed date/time, Deep Blue Marine S.L. will provide a full refund.
  6. The passenger acknowledges and agrees that the vessel will depart punctually at the scheduled time and that is not possible to wait for any passenger. It is the passengers’ sole responsibility to arrive at the departure point sufficiently in advance of boarding (at least 10 minutes) to allow for an on-time departure. No-shows or delays will result in the loss of the booking and no refund shall be made.
  7. There is no minimum age to do the activity but height restriction is applied; all passengers must be taller than 110cm.
  8. Any person who may be pregnant, suffer from back, neck, heart conditions or with a medical condition that could be aggravated by taking part in jetboat activities must declare this before boarding the boat. If no such declaration is made Deep Blue Marine S.L will bear no responsibility for injury or death.
  9. The passenger acknowledges that jetboating is an inherently dangerous activity; the passenger recognizes that there are risks associated with the activity and indemnifies Deep Blue Marine S.L. from any responsibility.
  10. The passenger agrees and acknowledges that the proprietor/skipper shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage suffered by the passenger or by any other person arising from or in connection with the passengers’ participation in the experience, whether such injury, loss or damage was caused directly or indirectly by the negligence of the proprietor/skipper or otherwise or by the proprietors, staff or agents. The passenger hereby releases the proprietor/skipper from all such claims and indemnifies the proprietor/skipper /staff against all claims made by or on behalf of any other person.
  11. Passengers board and ride with Deep Blue Marine S.L at their own risk. In no circumstance will Deep Blue Marine S.L. its officers, employees or agents be held responsible for any accidents, injury, loss or damage to personal property whilst embarking, traveling or disembarking from the vessel.
  12. Deep Blue Marine S.L reserves the right to refuse boarding to any passenger who is appears to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other mind altering substance.
  13. The passenger agrees to comply with all rules and directions made or given by the proprietor/skipper in connection with the experience. If a passenger fails to comply with the proprietor/skipper’s rules and or directions, the passenger may not be permitted to board or continue to take part. No refund will be given.
  14. Deep Blue Marine S.L. reserves the right to refuse passengers for whatever reason.
  15. The passengers may get wet and are therefore advised not to carry valuable property whilst riding with Deep Blue Marine S.L. The proprietor/skipper accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to property.
  16. Deep Blue Marine S.L reserves the right to alter prices, departure times and departure points or substitute another vessel when and as required.